Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore

Different types of Modular kitchens in Coimbatore

5 மிக முக்கியமான மாடுலர் கிட்சன் அமைக்கும் முன் கவனிக்க வேண்டியவை👇👇

Thank you so much for visiting the merlok interiors web site. We have been building Modular Kitchen throughout Tamil Nadu for the past five years. We have set up a Modular Kitchen for our customers, especially in Coimbatore, Chennai and Salem.💡

Modular kitchens can usually be set up using a variety of materials. In this post you will learn about four important types of materials. If you want to set up a Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore, Pollachi and Tirupur, please feel free to contact us.💡

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5 types of modular kitchens 🔔
     1.PVC Modular Kitchen
     2.Aluminium Modular Kitchen
     3.Wooden Modular Kitchen
     4.WPC Modular Kitchen
     5.Acrylic Modular Kitchen
1.PVC Modular Kitchen📌

Are you suffering from termite inconvenience? Do you want to stay out of water leakage? If so, PVC Modular Kitchen may be the best fit for you. Because it is a 100% waterproof material. Also 100% resistance against corrosion.💡

Example: if you want fastest installtion & very offordable budget price compare to other kitchens, then PVC kitchen is right choise for you👈

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2.Aluminium Modular Kitchen📌

Do you want the money you invest to last for a long time? Do you think you don’t always have to worry about it once invested? If so, the type of modular kitchen you should choose is the aluminum modular kitchen. This is because it is 100% water proof and 100% solids resistant.💡

Note: when it comes durability and life time  aluminium kitchen is the ultimate one.👈

Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore 1
3.Wooden Modular Kitchen📌

Wooden modular kitchen stands for plywood modular kitchen. No need to tell anyone about Modular Kitchen! Because 90% of the homes in use today are plywood modular kitchens. Plywood Modular Kitchen is definitely your choice if you want to use the most beautiful looks and primium modular kitchen accessories.💡

Note:wooden kitchen is best for acrylic,laminates and veneer sheets 👈

4.WPC Modular Kitchen📌

WPC is currently widely favored by most. The reason is that this is a material that is a substitute for plywood. It is more expensive than the Plywood Modular Kitchen. WPC has a life span equal to or greater than that of plywood Modular Kitchens.💡

Note: factory made product now a days these panels mostly used as a door as well.👈

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5.Acrylic Modular Kitchen📌

Acrylic Modular Kitchen Plywood is a type of Modular Kitchen. Acrylic is also more expensive than the Modular Kitchen. But the Acrylic looks more beautiful than plywood Modular Kitchens. At present it is much preferred by most people.💡

Example: if you look arround any kitchen that looks very high glossy appeal to you, and without a doubt its a acrylic kitchen.👈

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Conclusion 🎙️

Of course there will be different types of price differential for all materials. Likewise, each material has its own specificity. So it’s up to the customer to choose what kind of material is right for them.💡

If you want to set up a any type of Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore contact us with our mobile number  🤚96003 99153🤚.

You can also chat us via WhatsApp – 🤚96003 99153🤚

Q & A 🔔

1.How do they cost a kitchen? 🗨️

Depending on the size of the kitchen and the type of material you choose, the price of the kitchen can be set for your home.💡

2.How do I buy a modular kitchen?

Reach out the home interior designers , modular kitchen manufactures & carpenters to help you & guide you to install your kitchen.💡

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